Welcome to MunkyTown!

Welcome to Munkytown! We’re pumped to announce the re-launch of our website! You’re already here if you’re reading this so feel free to look around. We changed the look and feel of the site in an effort to keep it nice and simple. We put together some updated reels to highlight some of the great...

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"The Life" Ballerina Teaser

THE LIFE is a dramatic television series where we examine, in depth, the causes, experiences and struggles taking place in the world of under-aged sexual exploitation in New York City; from the perspectives of the exploited (teenagers), the exploiters (pimps) and those involved in the heroic fight against under-aged sex trafficking (cops, prosecutors, advocates, private...

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"Side of the track" official teaser

We’ve wrapped up production on Sides of the Track and are gearing up for Film Festival submissions. So far, we’ve submitted to Sundance and the Big Apple Film Festival to name a few. While we wait to hear back from the Festival critics, we’ll be getting our first taste of reactions from anyone attending the...

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