Who We Are


We strive to provide our clients with the greatest quality service and talent while working hand in hand with them to see their vision through.

Company Overview

MunkyTown Productions is a NYC based video/film production company founded by a small group of childhood friends with a commitment to providing a quality media experience. Our media production ranges from photo shoots, promotional videos, events & films to the more personal which include but are not limited to birthdays, reunions, engagements & weddings. Trust that your events and special memories are in the hands of some of the best in the world of photography, videography & production.


MunkyTown Productions is a boutique shop for film, video and photography services. Munkytown’s residents consist of producers, directors, editors, writers, graphic artists, original score composers and crew. At MunkyTown, we work tirelessly to manage any range of projects, from visualizing a concept to steering it through fruition.


Formally trained in Film and Media Studies at Fordham University, Mohammad sought additional training through coursework at New York University while working as a control room operator at Time Warner’s NY1 News, followed by a Production Coordinator position at HBO.

A native New Yorker raised with distinct Muslim values yet patently American, Mohammad sites belonging to a group of talented, multicultural friends and colleagues within the rich tapestry of the city itself among the primary influences on his work. It is with this cohort of childhood friends that he co-founded his production company, Munkytown Productions, in 2001.
To date, Mohammad’s films have been screened at the Museum of Moving Image Festival (2001), the Big Apple Film Festival (2008), the Hoboken International Film Festival (2010) and the HBO Theater in New York City (2010, 2011).


Since he was a young child, David has been hooked on films. He was first corrupted by his father with such sci-fi classics as Them, Rodan and Cosmic Monster. From there came Seven Samurai, Zazie dans le Metro, and Under Siege. Later, Under Siege 2. David trained in the classic arts at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and returned to his hometown of Brooklyn intent on getting his vision out. Since then David has worked in HBO Creative Services International for 4 years, putting his bilingual French/American upbringing to good use. He currently works at Wire/Getty Images as an editor, and is a freelance videographer. In his spare time David loves the NBA, biking in Brooklyn, finding French restaurants and of course, working on films.


Shah brings extensive experience in marketing, operations management and business strategy to Munkytown Productions. After a stint in Market Research, Shah joined as a consultant with Celerant Consulting, where he worked with fortune 500 companies on change management projects aimed at process improvement and organizational effectiveness. Shah subsequently worked in the creative marketing division at HBO, where he was responsible for managing the operational delivery of major promotional campaigns including The Pacific, Game of Thrones and Luck. Shah helped co-found Munkytown Productions and now oversees its financial, operational and business development needs.

Shah is currently pursuing an MBA from Georgetown University and will be joining PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), in their strategy advisory group as a 2013 Summer Associate. He holds a BA with concentrations in Economics and German from Hamilton College. In his spare time Shah enjoys traveling and film-making. He is also an avid angler and skiing enthusiast.


Mughen brings his organizational focus and creative vision to a plethora of Munkytown’s projects, ranging from custom digital video content, long- and short-form advertising asset creation for online and broadcast-quality video creative. He has developed his expertise in these fields from working on high-impact advertising spots to short and full length independent films.

His professional career began with the founding and development of The.Muna.Group, a San Francisco based event production company. For 3 years, Mughen built the company from the bottom up, overseeing all aspects of business, creative, marketing and production. The company has since grown to become one of the most highly regarded brands in its industry. While he has stepped down as managing director, Mughen remains the principal and continues to provide consulting and management advice to his west coast team.

Building on that experience, he has adapted his production expertise and skills to the film and video industry. By applying the same proficiency and determination used to build his production business he has become the driving force behind multiple prized film and video projects, guiding them from conception and development through execution into a fully realized product. As a producer for MunkyTown, Mughen’s core production and creative competencies are focused in the commercial, fashion and entertainment industries.


Raised in New York City, Brian Craig has established himself as an ENG (Electronic News Gathering) style Videographer working in the Entertainment Industry. In 2001, Brian co-founded MunkyTown Productions with several of his childhood friends. At the age of 21, Brian started his career as a Production Assistant on the set of The Sopranos. Eventually working his way onto other major film production sets such as American Gangster, I Am Legend, Jumper and The Bourne Ultimatum. In 2007, he expanded his production repertoire to the realm of videography. Shooting for Fashion Network TV, he has covered high profile events across the globe, most notably Fashion Week in New York, London, Milan, Paris and Los Angeles. At the age of 23, Brian joined Gettyimages and Wireimage, shooting both domestic and international assignments. He has gained valuable experience covering high profile events from around the world. As part of the Munkytown team, Brian adds valuable knowledge in single and multi camera productions. His experience in Production allows this company the ability to service both the broadcast community as well as our corporate and web-casting clients.

Listed here are events he has covered in the past 4 years:
Film Festivals: Cannes, Sundance, Dubai International, Monte-Carlo, Tribeca Fashion Week: New York, London, Milan, Paris, Miami Award Ceremonies: Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Emmy’s Superbowl ( XLIIIXLIVXLV ) South by Southwest Convention


Specializing in photography, Matthew is a born and raised New York self-taught photographer. His camera work started merely as a hobby but grew into a focused passion that has been helped by training and tips from other professional photographers. With a strong New York City influence in his work Matthew has traversed the cityscape finding beauty in a place wherein other’s opinion lacks allure. He accredits his methods to the multicultural upbringing available in New York that has allowed him to be able to incorporate many different styles into his own creating a unique feel to his work.


Brian brings a wide range of talents to the Munkytown team. Since the age of fourteen, Brian has been involved in sound design, a passion he continues to work on to this day. He started building his core expertise using Sony Creative Software – Acid & Sound Forge. Brian has built hundreds of beats and songs, some of which have been sampled by up and coming artists. By the time Brian was attending college, he had expanded his creative aspirations to include graphic design. There he honed his skills in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Indesign. In fact, Brian helped to rebuild earlier versions of our Munkytown site on which the current version is based.

Brian also has a background in film, staring as an extra in “ Law & Order” and working on the production set of the feature film “ I Am Legend”. Whether in film, graphic arts or sound design, Brian brings a raw talent that his co-founders & clients have been known to refer to as pure “Creative Genius”.